In order for clients to feel inspired, empowered, and confident enough to take positive steps in their lives, to be involved in community, they must first find purpose and joy in themselves.

The opportunities Life Force Programming provides are always focused around acquiring knowledge, embracing your true self (FOR REAL!!), and learning to be in the present. We know through enjoyable experience; inherent gifts, skills, abilities, and self discovery will just happen!


Life Force Programming begins by seeing the person first, regardless of diagnosis, regardless of age, regardless of past actions or present behaviours.  Addressing challenges with clients in an all inclusive manner, and truly supporting a client to encourage them to discover their OWN way of seeing and feeling their :



Life Force provides effective person centred services specifically for those with a developmental disability:  Learn new skills that help them elicit their passions and achieve their goals.  We facilitate fun interactive role playing and integrative (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) support and counselling to help clients make decisions and support them in all life areas.  We introduce individualized activities that will be optimum for each individual client to develop confidence and purpose, and become happier and more involved living in their community and in turn heightening their quality of life.


Challenges a person identifies in their life situation is explored through alternative learning and processing strategies such as nature walks, art and play therapy, music and vibration, drama and improvisation, yoga, breathing exercises, and movement, as well as other experiences such as being in and learning about nature, canoeing, Safety and the water, practice day camping, and more.



Life Force Programming establishes a trusting safe environment for those with Developmental Disabilities to be allowed the freedom to explore whatever it is they feel passionate about doing.  Regardless of how clients present, we see them and support them right where they are.


Providing supportive comfort and strong ongoing encouragement for clients to feel purpose and achieve their fullest potential.  To individually recognize clients feelings, challenges, and communication style, and abilities. Life Force utilizes a Person Centred Approach, with group and individual focus.


The majority of clients in need of supports are not always precise on what they even need; Life Force facilitates and utilizes an array of activities, exercise, nature, breath work, and movement to elicit inspiration from a client and/ or allow feelings to surface; consequently, enhancing their ability to discover what they want to do.


Specifically, Life Force adheres to an all inclusive delivery model, with client consent inviting family members, client’s support workers, existing service providers, and other mentors to be aware and/ or participate in activities and on- going planning, and programming so to provide optimum client support and encouragement with ultimately a higher probability of sustaining positive lifetime passions and in applicable cases positive behavior change.


Life Force programming gently guides and invites all clients to freely get to know themselves first, and believe and love themselves through a wide array of individualized and group self discovery activities, written and / or interactive exercises,  individual person centered / motivational integrative counseling, through a wide array of movement and activity (as appropriate), such as music, hiking, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, canoeing, drama and improvisation, art, or whatever a client expresses or appears to be happiest and most positive doing.


We explore topics such as goal setting around: education, employment, and vocational options in a unique alternative fashion. We create inspiring experiences so that we tap into the internal drive and self motivation clients need to ultimately make decisions, take action, and sustain a positive behavior and / or life style change.


Please reach out anytime, anyway if you feel our programs would be a fit for you or someone you love!