This two (2) hours of Canoeing can be spent geared toward fun & games, technical skills, or just paddling.  It will have a general agenda, but unfolds accommodating the desires of participants.

Note: We enjoy being flexible!  We also offer an extension of hours onto this clinic and can discuss topics your group would like to learn more about, including water safety / self and partner rescue.

All Equipment is provided

Aim / Overview

The focus is getting comfortable in your canoe, and having some fun on the water.

To introduce the novice paddler to paddling with a partner in shelter calm waters.


Participants must be comfortable in and around water, be reasonably fit, in good health and possess a reasonable level of strength and flexibility.

Skills you will learn along the way

Basic paddling strokes enough to paddle your canoe in a straight line, turn your canoe, beaching and docking, as well as equipment and safety tips.

Paddling Strokes: Forward & Back, Stopping, Draw, Pry, J- Stroke (Lake J)

Basic land and water Safety

Class ratio

1 instructor to maximum of 10 participants.


This introductory clinic is conducted in a calm water setting and involves some time in a discussion. Lee Creek, North Shuswap Lake, BC (just 9.0 km from the Trans Canada)


Certificates of completion are awarded

Please Reach out for Canoeing Program Pricing