Life Force Facilitates Experiential Learning & Integrative Wellness Programs on and around the North Shuswap.


  • We Offer Yoga Classes, Integrative Wellness & Energy Counselling & Practice.  
  • We Host & Facilitate Unique Activities, Workshops & Retreats, as well as Canoe Certification.
  • We Offer Spiritual Advising, Readings, and Mentorship.
  • We Offer Mobile Wedding Officiant Services, and Officiant – Venue All Inclusive Beach and / or Mini  Elopement Wedding Ceremonies at our location.

Our main office is located in Lee Creek, BC –  Squilax Anglemont Road, North Shuswap –  just six (8) km from the Trans Canada Highway.








Hi, I’m Danielle. Thank you for your interest in learning more about me and what I / we do.

Learn more about Danielle

I’m driven and passionate about helping people explore and find their passions!

Danielle Dufour is located on Shuswap Lake, BC, Canada. She is an Integrative Health Practitioner and Counselor, an Ordained Minister, a Yoga Teacher, a Writer, and a Canoe Instructor.

Danielle works with couples as a Wedding Officiant, and is also a “Spiritual Mentor and Advisor”. She is passionate about helping people become aware and understand Life Force Energy and teaches breath practice, meditation, and universal energy self-healing.

Danielle has worked in the Human Services field since she was 18 years old. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher of 8 years / practicing yogi for 15+. She has been a Certified Quantum Touch Energy Practitioner for 8 years+, as well as a canoe instructor for over 15 years.  She is a Service Provider for Community Living British Columbia, offering outreach and in home support services for clients with learning differences and unique life challenges.

-Danielle is published in the Women of Spirit volume II Anthology, 2022 by: Matrika Press, and additional writings and messages from Danielle can be found via her Web Blog and her podcast “In Light and Love with Rev. Danielle”


“I have been designing holistic integrative programming for over a decade.  Sometimes without even knowing why or where it would all lead.  Who am I kidding, most times it was like that!  The clarity has just blossomed and grown all in it’s own time.   I’m beyond grateful to have been given the inspiration and opportunities to do what I’m doing.  To Offer what I’m Offering!  To be able to connect with others and share my gifts and the gifts of others is truly awesome!  I’m so honoured and excited to facilitate amazing opportunities in a variety of ways to everyone on the North Shuswap and surrounding communities!”

EVERYTHING I do is about

Following my Heart Wisdom & Building Trusting Relationships

 Whether it is teaching a yoga class, officiating a wedding ceremony,  integrative session, or facilitating a workshop, some of the words that come through my heart when I’m creating or thinking of Life Force Programs, Ceremonies, and Events are:
Understanding, Self-Discovery, Freedom, Confidence, & Empowerment


Always Intended with LOVE Offered with LOVE Facilitated with LOVE.  



What is Experiential Learning


We honour each person’s own self- development and self-healing through various healing modalities, activities, and self work.  

We offer an open accepting outlet to develop spiritual awareness and true self discovery, as we believe these are the key components missing in most all streamline counseling, educational, and residential programming.


What is Metaphysical Science

Life Force supports individuals through activity and debrief, integrative counseling, universal energy practice(s), and emotional discovery and release.  Where we start in the journey is dependent on the individual or group. We incorporate activities such as canoeing, team building, and yoga to “lighten” and “elicit”. The underlying foundation of our programming is simply remembering and being our true selves.  The activities we offer just help us remember a little sooner! In our society it’s too easy to forget.

We also offer private and group yoga classes, as well as canoe programs & certification. 

The opportunities we provide around our various workshops and clinics are always focused around acquiring knowledge, embracing your true self, and learning to be in the present. We know through experience; inherent gifts, skills, abilities, and deep self discovery will just happen!

We work with all ages,demographics, groups, and point of remembering.  We also offer specialized groups to those coming to us out of mandate, those with learning differences, or an initial unwillingness to participate.


“Become loyal to your inner most truth

Follow the way when all others abandon it

Walk the path of your own heart” OM

Rev. Danielle Dufour