Integrative Counselling affirms the inherent unique strength and value of each individual in the universe. It is a unifying practice that is all encompassing and supports clients at the effective, behavioral, cognitive, and physiological levels of functioning, and above all the spiritual energetic aspect of themselves and the connective reality of life.

Life Force supports opportunities for participants to self-discover their strengths, improve self awareness and understanding, and to develop confidence of intuition. Through these opportunities, deep integrative healing and connection with all in the universe occurs.  It is inevitable!

Integrative counselling is truly understanding where a person is along their journey, and various life themes.  Life Force assists people hear and follow the intuitive guidance they have been trained in our society to repress, and assist people make connections with their theme behaviors, feelings, and overall physical health.

Integrative Counseling utilizes a number of methods, techniques and healing modalities to support clients improve all aspects of their lives


Integrative Counseling can provide action oriented support if you are experiencing:



Grief & Loss

Relationship Problems

Physical Health Concerns

Any Life Challenge

Alcohol & Substance Use

Low Self Esteem / Self Confidence

Lack of Energy



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