I’m hearing information from so many sources, how do I know what is true?

Today’s Mystical Message, By Rev. Danielle

You know from deep within your heart, nowhere else. You know when you feel the truth resonate with every structure of your being. You know truth when you take the time to be quiet with yourself and just simply be.  The truth may not always be easy to hear or comprehend, especially over the course of the next period.
This planet, mother earth, has gone through tremendous turmoil, and she herself needs time to heal from old wounds and trauma.  Truth cannot be exposed all at once; it would just be too energetically powerful in ways that most do not grasp.
There is nothing to do except stay strong in your convictions. How much more outside information do you need anyway?
Just be in your highest vibration, this is where truth lies.
The Universe LOVES you dearly!  Keep exploring!


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I’m feeling a bit hopeless today, what should I do?

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A Mystical Message by Rev. Danielle
There is much to be anticipated. To keep your message in high form, we will discuss the positive.
Life on earth is opening up to a world beyond our present comprehension as humans.
The truth of existence has been with held for such a time, that only façade exists at the moment, or at least at the superficial level that one sees as they go about their day.
Unless exposed to the toxic environment which has become propaganda, there lies hope. Gods will is not and will never be defeated. We must stay the course and strong in our convictions, there is no life without truth. There is mere existence.
Humanity is going through such a shift that the planet will soon become unlivable for those that have overtaken it for centuries. This is what they truly fear. This is why they deplete the trees, harvest the soil of nutrients, and fill the air with pollutants. They must do everything in their power to wreak havoc; like a child having a tantrum, because they weren’t awarded a frivolous item.
Remember, you are in the thick of it all; this is where your feelings stem. Hold to what you know; what you know deep in your soul.  You are so loved!
All will be well; as it already is!

Winter Wedding Highlight

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Winter is just a beautiful refreshing time of year for your wedding.
Romance seems to just embrace the snowy white back drop!
Please reach if you are looking for a Wedding Officiant, or have any questions about how I would support you to co-create your most Romantic Special Day!


Much Love and Light this Holiday season!
Rev. Danielle








What is the most urgent message for today?

A Mystical Message by Rev. Danielle……

Bare faith my children. We are nearly there. Hope has been a forgotten part of daily life. Where there has been despair, will be triumph. Where there has been confusion, will be clarity. Many a time we have fallen in the past at the hands of this agenda, but not this time.
God’s children have awakened to the point of no return!
We are in the muck of things so don’t be misled by what appears to be the urgent crowd, always look inward for your answers.
Simply asking questions of yourself is where you will find truth.


Be mindful of the perception blocks that have occurred over the last thousand years.  There is much to be learned from looking at true history. No human, being, or entity has the authority to oversee another.
Pure laws of the Universe, laws of God have been disregarded by a very small few for far too long. They have exposed themselves for what and who they are now, it is simply a matter of their control of public perception that has kept them hidden this long. Now in the forefront of light, there they stand, alone and empty.
All of humanity will soon be the cure for what has transpired across this great planet. Finally there will be a day that all of the secrets of this galaxy will be known and appreciated for how wonderfully vast and abundant it truly is. Stay the course. Stay your course, and all will be well, as it already is!


Love and Light!