When I channel a message, where do the answers come from?

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A Mystical Message, By Rev. Danielle

Humans are like radars with vast transmitting capabilities. The messages being received behave similarly in the respect of “downloading”.  The messages being brought to you are coming from the highest frequencies in the Universal communication system.
It can be understood in earthly terms as a type of “broadcasting centre” which receives and transmits information.
Universal understanding and knowledge is found here. The vibration of God force energy, light force energy, sent and received, can be felt instantly, as time is not a factor within this quantum line of communication.
Humans have been taught that learning and understanding can only come from a book or an expert lecturer; however, this is simply untrue.
Each human has this “radio communication” ability.  You have been programmed to believe this is a scary trait to have, but on the contrary, it is your divine power to which those who spread lies fear the most. They understand the true nature of the universe and all it’s intricacies that make it divine.
The messages you receive are based on the intention you have in your heart. The ease of hearing the messages comes from the ease at which you examine the depth of who and what you really are.
The human adventure is a magical thing in itself to be reveled in!   Keep asking your questions along the way, as they will brightly light your path!
Much love on your journey, you are never alone, as we are one.


If you have a question you would like posed, please send it along and we will reach out to you with the channeled response received.

What is strategically happening to instill more light on this planet at this very moment?

A Mystical Message, By Rev. Danielle

Each measure is countered with a pre-existing counter measure. Each tactic being seen has been well planned and well practiced prior to its very useful full implementation.  As Q said shots will be heard around the world.   What does that mean?
It means large scale events to shake people into reality. The illusion we have been programmed to exist in; is coming to an end.
The dark will not stand in the light.
Believe and know your faith and the vibration of it have great depth and carries with it an enormous amount of power.
As you breathe rise up with that faith and meet the truth as it is not as you have been programmed to believe it is.  It is the responsibility of each human to be willing to literally erase the generational programming instilled on your very being.
Observing the untruths uncovered no matter how frightening at first. What may surface with those realizations will be lifetimes of hurts and suppression, feelings of enslavement, powerlessness, and even rage; all rising to be felt and allowed to be released, finally.
No need to hold onto anything that is not pleasant. With all the physical actions at play, the most important is the reason within you; the stance and action you choose to embark on.
The manner in which you open yourself up to embrace this transformational opportunity; so truly this very moment, is all up to you!


What can I do to put my best foot forward every day?

A Mystical Message

by Rev. Danielle

Align with your true nature; your heart wisdom even in the worst of times.
Pay heed to what it is you are truly here to do. Excluding what you think you should be doing or what an illusionary society has taught you to do.
Relax into your love for your gifts.
Practicing faith of heart by following intuition at all times.
Trusting that source will always provide for you when you are following your purpose.  Pay no heed to others with earthly distractions, for you know the true path to fulfillment lies not with gems or minerals but with truth of purpose.
There are choices to be made in the upcoming months, choices to which you can not anticipate at this time. Just be ready with your open loving heart and God will guide you.
Feel the wind on your face, embrace the sun rise, catch a shooting star; you are a great spiritual being.
Enjoy your ride, and all of your moments today and everyday from this day forward! You are love, You are Light, You are Divine!
Let it be so and so it is!


How can all of the true facts known to exist on earth and within the universe best be publicly disclosed?

A Mystical Message, by Rev. Danielle

There has been much hidden for way too long. No being on earth should be subjected to inaccuracies of life itself. Truth is instilled with high magnificent vibration that all can feel when heard.

The absence of this resonance in speech and jargon can also be felt. The results and consequences of slowly releasing information is itself holding a vibration and can be felt.


As a result of withholding truth, we are faced as humans with depression, anger, and paralyzation as a society; as a whole.


Human Beings are instilled with universal divine source which inherently carries with it infinite untapped information and resiliency, which is a strong knowing and characteristic found in all human light beings.

Clarity and truth is the only way. Utilizing multiple sources that the mass public and un-awakened consider credible. If it appears on the information airways outside the realm of what the public deem as credible, the message may be lost.

Delivery is of utmost importance; the manner and avenue in which the information is delivered.

The awakened ones must be prepared; as some hold with such grip, their ascension may not occur for them in this life. That is ok.

As long as truth is freely told, all will rise to this high loving vibration in their own perfect time.

Never has there been a wiser time to practice allowing the truth to set us free.

How can people become more Intuitive?

A Mystical Message
By Rev. Danielle
Daily application is key. Diving into the wonders of everything that exists and how it is interconnected, going beyond what one can see in everyday life.
If that’s the case, then what is there to rely ones perceptions upon?
Everything humans absorb in their atmosphere is reflected within them.
It is when knowingness is allowed to take hold that this is realized.
There is no right or wrong way to remember ones souls abilities.
The zest for life is what will draw one closer to oneself. Closer to Source, Creator, God, the Universe; all what one perceives and has resonance with.
Take heed in what is before you in each situation. Be willing to become quiet in any form and when thoughts come in, where are they coming from? Pay attention. And follow up with action.
Taking great energy in noticing your energy; your vibration and your frequency; as this is what you are projecting like a boomerang, it will return. When light and love exude, then this is returned ten fold.
The butterfly affect is real like dominos on a beautiful shimmering golden board, or a match of light that ignites an entire world. Your light is the way, seeing your bright light and remembering your truth. Carry on with courage as your beautiful journey awaits.