I’m hearing information from so many sources, how do I know what is true?

Today’s Mystical Message, By Rev. Danielle

You know from deep within your heart, nowhere else. You know when you feel the truth resonate with every structure of your being. You know truth when you take the time to be quiet with yourself and just simply be.  The truth may not always be easy to hear or comprehend, especially over the course of the next period.
This planet, mother earth, has gone through tremendous turmoil, and she herself needs time to heal from old wounds and trauma.  Truth cannot be exposed all at once; it would just be too energetically powerful in ways that most do not grasp.
There is nothing to do except stay strong in your convictions. How much more outside information do you need anyway?
Just be in your highest vibration, this is where truth lies.
The Universe LOVES you dearly!  Keep exploring!


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