Empowerment Through Frequency – Public Offering on Zoom with World Wide Network Of Light Practitioners-Oct 14, 23

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Empowerment Through Frequency
Oct 14, 23

Zoom Recording

“I have no doubt in your ability or potential, why should you?”

We are all on this wonderful, yet often challenging life journey together. We are all experiencing ongoing shifts in energy within us and around us, at any one given time.

As of late, we are feeling a significant increase of light energy on earth, and what is occurring is a first of its kind. The pouring of light is awakening souls at such a speed, that it can leave one feeling dumbfounded, confused, or even overwhelmed, as we adapt to living and being this high vibratory state. As we are all at varying stages of soul growth at any one period, what occurs for each of us may look and feel differently. But one thing’s for certain, we are all affected and effected by the raising of energetic frequency, and it will support our highest good to discuss openly, as now more than ever before, we are in the midst of a grand opportunity.

Please join our World Wide Network of Light Practitioners this Saturday for a live authentic discussion with practical experience. Please welcome our Healing team member, John Millward – https://essentialoiltherapy.org/, who will present this week’s topic.

What is Healing through Frequency? What does raising your vibration look and feel like? Why would you want to raise your vibration and how do you do it? It’s one thing to sit in on a lecture, but this call will affirm your knowing, and demonstrate take home examples of how you can begin and / or enhance your present stage of self/soul development, and ignite and amplify the magnificent capabilities you have within you; we have within us all!

Once you have an experience, there is no going back. It is the experience that will shift a soul from having doubts, to an unwavering knowing.

On behalf of The Healing Team, let’s journey together!

See you Saturday!

Rev. Danielle Dufour

To reach out to any member of our Light Practitioners, OR to request a Distance Healing, please email: HealingCoalition@proton.me

This is the recording with our Healing Team of World Wide Network Of Light Practitioners from our October 14th, 2023 Public RE-Curing – Bi-Weekly Offering- Every 2nd Saturday 8am Pacific US/Can. Please check our Healing Channel on Telegram for our Offering dates.