We can design an Experiential Activity program to suit the individual needs of your particular target group, and we also offer general age divided Experiential Camps and Activities at various times throughout the year. ​


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The basis of all programming is establishing clear achievable personal goals, and always allowing for a purposeful reflection, and supportive directed debrief both within the group, and individually.

  • Our Experiential Programs are focused all around life skills that fundamentally encourage, promote, and foster self discovery, purpose, and overall belonging in the universe.
  • Our programs encourage self understanding, personal growth, and the establishment of clearer communication patterns inter-personally, with families, and within support systems.
  • Program activities promote a tremendous amount of individual work, as well as group interaction, and offer many occasions for both individual and group practical problem solving. Many group activities are emphasized as people have a natural desire for peer identification, affiliation, and team work.  (Even if a person was resistant to group work initially)
  • Challenges a person identifies in their life situation is explored through alternative learning, universal belonging, and self healing strategies. As people respond to the programs and activities, challenges with self-identity, self esteem, self love and respect, goal setting, and problem solving surface and can be processed.  This is when true self healing begins. Our programs are designed to identify optimum opportunity for true self awareness and development; and consequently; the increased sustainability of daily life application to any positive behaviour change.
  • The integration of individual discovery sessions, self-healing work, relaxation and meditation, yoga, physical outdoor activities, inviting family, and community involvement (where appropriate), creates the optimum environment to sustaining positive self-motivation, change, and growth.