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I have to say that I feel most connected to self/spirit in your yoga classes.

It’s because you provide a space that holds absolutely no threat. It’s the way you reach out to others and make them feel significant. 

More than any instructor I’ve ever practiced with.   T. Cooper



Rev. Danielle is a beauty. She was so calming and personable we really were very happy we chose her. She did the most amazing work on the script and our vows and was able to articulate perfectly what we were thinking. She was able to express the joining of a family as well as a marriage. Danielle made herself at home and got things going which is so important on a Wedding Day. She fit right in with everyone and I felt like I had a friend in the most rushed, stressed day of my life. Thank-you so much Danielle

Yvette & Rob





Good Morning!  I just wanted to thank you again for everything!  Our ceremony was perfect.
Justin & Brittany





Hi! This is Rhea and Julia, remember us from last year at Cottonwood? I just wanted to let you know how much we loved yoga with you. Your someone we felt like we could relate to. We decided not to come to the lake this year. Julia started yoga/hot yoga and meditation in Lethbridge while she is at school. She is loving it. I took my family to a sweat lodge to attend a naming ceremony. That was an experience, I would like to go back.   Anyways, I just wanted to send a note to thank you and we will miss our summer with you.
Take care  
Rhea and Julia


Hi Danielle, 
I had the best sleep last night!  Woke up at 10 this morning.  The Yoga Retreat is still resonating with me. 
I am so grateful for what you and Nickayla shared with us. Especially your special attention to me while I was shifting into myself. I could still feel your support as I was falling asleep.  
I am one of those who doesn’t pay much attention to my own needs, always wanting to help others. This event has encouraged me in ways I can’t even fully explain. And now, I am an artist too! 
We are so fortunate to have you in our community, working to keep us healthy and sound. 

Feeling peaceful, and full of love and gratitude! 
Many thanks, 



Hey Danielle,

We could not have been happier with how everything went! We were so very happy to have found you to marry us, you were so pleasant and made things feel so comfortable for us. From the script, to helping us with our vows, the rehearsal, and just your joyful spirit! Thank you so much for everything! It was the best day, and we loved every minute of it! Thank you again so much, and all the best to you! Enjoy the rest of your beautiful summer.

Thank you, Courtney and Dustin 


Hi Danielle! 
Just wanted to say THANK YOU! So much for being there on our big day! You were absolutely amazing!! 
Ps. Here’s that picture you asked for LOL!

Sara & Tyler




Danielle, Thank you for such amazing yoga classes. You are not only a supreme instructor, you’re a superb teacher.  God Bless!
Jeannette Souliere


Hi Rev Danielle!

As October 18th nears me I found myself looking back at the vows you wrote for Oran and I last year.. We got married 111 days after we met, from two completely different worlds on a windy cold Wednesday and you managed to write the perfect vows that bring tears to my eyes reading them now..

I just wanted to send you a email and say thank you. Thank you for capturing everything we wanted to say in the most perfect way.. We’re one month away from Oran being a permanent resident and after 17 years of being told I couldn’t have children we welcomed our beautiful daughter into our lives in August!!  We were meant to be!   Thanks again for your beautiful words last October they will forever be in my heart.  

Megan Allwood



Danielle, You have a faithful following in Salmon Arm. Your classes are so innovative, challenging and kind. I so enjoy the spirituality that you bring to your classes, and it is an important component of my practice. big love? and hugs,

Maureen Robertson


Hello Danielle, I just received the pictures of our wedding. They’re great pictures but when seeing you it also reminded me that I never really thanked you for that day. I thought you were great and very warm and personable.  So thank you Danielle! You were a big part of what made our day so wonderful.
Kind regards,
Kaya and Paul




Danielle , you have beautiful energy and I look forward to being a part of your class every Thursday.  I’m not the only one. Feedback is that your classes are truly yoga inspired; people like the deep poses which cultivate deeper awareness. You’ve managed to create a flow that seems to incorporate some yin with positive power. Biggest hugs, love and gratitude to a most intuitive yogi and beautiful friend 
LA Narayan


Danielle, I cannot thank you enough for the part you played in having our entire family present for our day. It was what we wanted relaxing and beautiful and filled with family. Thank you again, your spirit shines. My daughter will be contacting you next year when she gets married.  


Cris and Sean





Good Afternoon! It was a fantastic wedding day and evening, couldn’t have asked for any better. Thank you so much for being a part of it. You’re truly amazing!  We also hope to see you again soon, and thank you again for tolerating all of us! I know we can all be difficult. Thanks again Danielle!
Ashley & Brad




Danielle is one of my yoga instructors at No Limits Fitness and she is just amazing! She is very knowledgeable and very energetic. She makes sure you understand what you are doing and what it’s doing to our bodies. Her classes are a great workout and lots of fun as well! Xoxo
Shanda Rae Pelton


I run a small elopement venue in the Shuswap and I like to connect my clients with Danielle to help them work on their vows and to officiate their ceremony. The ceremonies are always thoughtful, personal and relaxed.  I will also give her a 5 star rating on her yoga classes!
Maggie Shook


Hi Danielle Thank you for being part of our wedding day it turned out amazing :)) would highly recommend you to anyone, you are an amazing person. 

Thank you again

Tera & Cody


Danielle is great! She teaches me and my husband hot yoga. She is one of our favourite teachers. She is very knowledgeable and teaches from her heart. She is exactly what you need for a hot yoga teacher. Check her out. You won’t be disappointed. Namaste

Crystal Fayers


Oh my gosh Danielle we were most definitely EXTREMELY happy, pleased & very impressed with your services! We felt as though the service went super smooth & timed perfectly!

Thanks Again For Making Our Dream Come True
Ian & Scott






Danielle is amazing! Her energy was great and comforting, she gave me a big hug right before and made sure everything was okay before the ceremony began! She scripted our ceremony and it fit us perfectly. The Sand ceremony she performed with us was amazing and everyone loved it. She dressed for the occasion in her cowboy boots and she did a great job putting together a non-religious ceremony for us.

I couldn’t imagine being married by anyone else. She truly made the day!
Kia and Nigel




Danielle, You and your service provided was amazing. Thank you so much for making our day perfect!! (and putting up with my stressed lateness pre ceremony and for helping decorate lol!!) you went above and beyond for us! Thanks again Danielle!!

Jayden and Dillon




Thank you so much Danielle ❤️
Our wedding was perfect and what you wrote was so beautiful. We loved our entire day. You are such an amazing person. 
Dixie & Benny
Hi Danielle,

Thank you so much for everything on Saturday. We were so happy with how perfectly everything went and we really loved the ceremony so much. We got so many compliments on how moving and personal it was.

I will definitely send you some photos when we get them back and we will do a review for you as well. Thank you again so much for making our day so special!


Kayla & Nate
Good morning Danielle, 
Thank you for making our day official! It was exactly what we needed. 
I have attached the pictures that I have received so far. 
We appreciate your time and your presence. It was immensely appreciated. 
July 2022
Good afternoon Danielle,
Thank you so much for being a part of our ceremony on July 9th!  You were incredible to work with!
We appreciate this information for moving forward.
I will definitely be recommending you to my future brides! (I am a makeup artist in the industry) and we will be sure to send you photos when we receive them.
Hayley Davies
Hello Danielle,
I am so sorry I opened this email on my honeymoon and never remembered to respond. Thank you for your email and kind words. We loved our ceremony it could not have been more perfect. Our family is still telling us how perfect it was. I feel so lucky we went with you. Hope your sting is all healed up sorry it happened but it added a fun story. 
I passed your information on to my step sister in law and her husband. They were really impressed and are interested in reaching out to you about their own plans. I plan to also leave a review on Facebook this week. Believe me I will absolutely recommend you to all my family and friends.
As for the pictures I still don’t have them but I will send you the info as soon as I get them back!
Thank you again!
Witlee Dimaulo 
September 2022
Hi Danielle,
Thank you so much for your services. It was a perfect day! We are happy that you were able to officiate our wedding. I also went through the reviews on your website when choosing and deciding. You were number one choice for us based on your reviews and being local. Thank you again❤️ We will be adding a review and send pictures soon.
Thank you 
Carmen & Daren Kennedy 
October 2022
Hello Danielle!
I can’t thank you enough for everything you said and done for us. It was truly a blessing having you there along side us. I only have this picture so far but will definitely share more as Kathleen sends them to us!!
Thank you again for a beautiful celebration ❤️
Holly Rim
Oct 2022