How can all of the true facts known to exist on earth and within the universe best be publicly disclosed?

A Mystical Message, by Rev. Danielle

There has been much hidden for way too long. No being on earth should be subjected to inaccuracies of life itself. Truth is instilled with high magnificent vibration that all can feel when heard.

The absence of this resonance in speech and jargon can also be felt. The results and consequences of slowly releasing information is itself holding a vibration and can be felt.


As a result of withholding truth, we are faced as humans with depression, anger, and paralyzation as a society; as a whole.


Human Beings are instilled with universal divine source which inherently carries with it infinite untapped information and resiliency, which is a strong knowing and characteristic found in all human light beings.

Clarity and truth is the only way. Utilizing multiple sources that the mass public and un-awakened consider credible. If it appears on the information airways outside the realm of what the public deem as credible, the message may be lost.

Delivery is of utmost importance; the manner and avenue in which the information is delivered.

The awakened ones must be prepared; as some hold with such grip, their ascension may not occur for them in this life. That is ok.

As long as truth is freely told, all will rise to this high loving vibration in their own perfect time.

Never has there been a wiser time to practice allowing the truth to set us free.