How can I stop a negative behaviour I’m acting out?

Catch yourself in trigger.
Catch yourself in fight or flight living off instinct, and one of our most basic of energies…fear. The lowest of density; the emotion that lessens the awakening of truth.
When you let fear take over your heart and mind, you have limited perception and become limited, living out limitations, and mirroring your fear in everyday existence.
Everything starts with a thought.
Catch yourself with negative thoughts, self defeating statements, or acting out antics and initially smile and be content with observing the actions. Upon deeper reflection, you will begin to see the motivation into the action. On a deeper level; a deeper soul level of development. Often this can take lifetimes. Lifetimes of reflection, observation, emotional frustration, and even physical disease before truly diving deep into inner guidance. This is the only place your answers are.
We are programmed, hard wired if you will to feel a deep longing for something greater, something better, and grander than the generation before us. Ask yourself why? Why is this?  Where does this yearning come from?
Fulfillment is a state of being. Openly look beyond the surface level of any negative behaviour.  There is always something deeper, and this is your path to know where to look. It is in the discomfort that you will truly find your way.