How can people become more Intuitive?

A Mystical Message
By Rev. Danielle
Daily application is key. Diving into the wonders of everything that exists and how it is interconnected, going beyond what one can see in everyday life.
If that’s the case, then what is there to rely ones perceptions upon?
Everything humans absorb in their atmosphere is reflected within them.
It is when knowingness is allowed to take hold that this is realized.
There is no right or wrong way to remember ones souls abilities.
The zest for life is what will draw one closer to oneself. Closer to Source, Creator, God, the Universe; all what one perceives and has resonance with.
Take heed in what is before you in each situation. Be willing to become quiet in any form and when thoughts come in, where are they coming from? Pay attention. And follow up with action.
Taking great energy in noticing your energy; your vibration and your frequency; as this is what you are projecting like a boomerang, it will return. When light and love exude, then this is returned ten fold.
The butterfly affect is real like dominos on a beautiful shimmering golden board, or a match of light that ignites an entire world. Your light is the way, seeing your bright light and remembering your truth. Carry on with courage as your beautiful journey awaits.