How is “Raising my Vibration” applied in my life?

Today’s Mystical Message:

By Rev. Danielle

Staying gracious, giving, and open hearted. Catch yourself in any moment and find gratitude. Look for positives in everything; look for the learning in each situation. Practice seeing things differently.  Practice seeing life differently. Things are not ever done to you, they are done for you. Because of your requests for learning.
Free will takes hold on this plane, and souls have unique divine purpose that calls them, draws them, yearns them toward it; follow that in you!
Light up your spaces, rooms, home, and environment. Catch yourself repeating an old story that you have been repeating way too long and ask yourself why you are telling it? Is it true?  What is holding you back from re-writing your story if need be?  If all is well then great, nothing to do.
Everything even awareness shows itself in perfect time. Layer after layer. Why not have a look?  We have the time.  Stay in the muck of things for a while and feel what you feel. What do you need? Recognize body and self and uncover; travel around in there and see what you see, feel what you feel. Use your breath to explore; use a variety of breath to explore. Patience Faith Practice!!
Loving you so very much