How to Overcome Fear- Steps for Today

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Practice being honest with yourself and catch yourself lying to yourself and smile


Fear is an energy just like all energies it carries weight. We can carry emotional weight both physically and mentally. We can shed this weight if we so choose, through intention and power of will. All is the end but first the beginning. Everything starts with you. Choice by Choice, awareness by awareness, noticing by noticing. If you draw your attention to something, you bring it to light, so draw your attention to you and draw in more light. Thinking of self differently in amazing infinite powerful ways. Be ready to examine yourself and family as though you would your son or daughter, with a kind loving heart. Be true to what you see and feel. There is no right or wrong, there is just learning and growth.

Listen to what you don’t hear with your ears

We are energetic sponges, collecting various energies along our paths, lifetimes & lifetimes. Right Now there is a powerful super resurgence of past life hurts and traumas, deep dark wounds rising to the surface. The Age of Aquarius is upon us to utilize the beauty and free flowing tides to support such high numbers of rising souls! To flood the earth with humanity and freedom. To dive deep into muddy waters and truly remember what you are! What we all are! Beautiful oneness with creation, with all that is, all that ever will be. Dive deep into your hurts with an open heart and loving intention. Feel it be pulled from the deepest depths of the ocean, of the earth, and love yourself as your son and daughter, as you most want to be loved. Observe if that is possible. Put into action all steps necessary to create that reality.

Daily application of moment to moment intention

Living in fullness. Turn off any regard to your devices or outside influence. Turn off any need to conform based on all the rest. What do you feel ?What do you know? What can you put into action every day?  Rest when you need. Guilt is a taught human emotion and can be untaught. Meditation can take many forms. Quiet is what you most need to see. Breath is what you most need to intend. Love is what you most need to heal. We have been trained to look outside ourselves for solutions to basically all of our problems, ailments, mental health, and in this time, what seems like our survival. Catch yourself swaying in faith as you become heavy with earthly illusion. Stay vibrant and positive, open hearted, loving, and warm, and your energy will attract what you are feeling. Those who fear the masses already know what we are, how energy works, and they use it to their advantage. Rise up and only allow your own voice into your consciousness, drink in your intuition like you have never done before. Stop talking yourself out of finally seeing the truth as far fetched as your ego mind would like you to believe. Things on this plane are not what they seem. It is as though all are wearing a mask. You unveil you and the roads will clear for you and all those in your circle, and then it will spread like a positive wildfire of light beyond our wildest dreams. Our wildest imagination!

Be the Light

Loving you so much!

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I trust the divinity of this message, and that it will resonate with, and uplift all those who read it.