How to Stay Positive Around Dense or Low Vibrational Energy

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Thoughts are the most important thing. Remind yourself to have a conversation with yourself and not feel foolish or silent.  There are many things we can learn about ourselves if we allow ourselves to look, to see, to feel. If vibrational energy is low look inside you and see what you can do about that.
Rise up to meet your soul’s true energetic frequency of light and love. No this is not silly or misguided, this is powerful and true.  Strong winds will flood your soul with passionate desire and it is only when we snuff out light and fall to earthly illusion that we lose our place and begin to feel dense.
Denseness is a state of mind, being, and soul. We are here on this plane to evolve, learn , grow, and have fun with our characters. Be grande in them, see yourself rising above the clouded illusion that has masked our plane for indescribable time. Stay only focused on what you hear and see inside you.
Ask yourself, who is talking when you hear or feel strong intuition? Is it you? Or something grander, connecting you, reminding you,  that you are one with the beautiful artistry of the divine. The moment you allow yourself to remember this, the sooner you will rise to such a high vibration that you will only lift others and proudly just be your best human self.