I’m feeling a bit hopeless today, what should I do?

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A Mystical Message by Rev. Danielle
There is much to be anticipated. To keep your message in high form, we will discuss the positive.
Life on earth is opening up to a world beyond our present comprehension as humans.
The truth of existence has been with held for such a time, that only façade exists at the moment, or at least at the superficial level that one sees as they go about their day.
Unless exposed to the toxic environment which has become propaganda, there lies hope. Gods will is not and will never be defeated. We must stay the course and strong in our convictions, there is no life without truth. There is mere existence.
Humanity is going through such a shift that the planet will soon become unlivable for those that have overtaken it for centuries. This is what they truly fear. This is why they deplete the trees, harvest the soil of nutrients, and fill the air with pollutants. They must do everything in their power to wreak havoc; like a child having a tantrum, because they weren’t awarded a frivolous item.
Remember, you are in the thick of it all; this is where your feelings stem. Hold to what you know; what you know deep in your soul.  You are so loved!
All will be well; as it already is!