lake-view-2If you have previously taken the Intro to Tandem or Solo Canoeing, and have been getting lots of practice time in your canoe, an intermediate course may be the next step.  You will gain Paddle Canada certification as an Intermediate Tandem and / or Intermediate Solo canoeist and can continue to progress through the National  certification program(s).

Duration: 6 to 12 hours – depending on group skill level, size, and dynamic.

1-2 days

  • Day Course time: 9:00am-4:00pm  / Evening Course time: 600pm-9pm (Times may vary and are group dependent)
  • Location: Lee Creek, North Shuswap Lake, BC (just 8.0 km from the Trans Canada)

Canoeing Program Pricing

We have special rates for Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, please contact us to discuss.


To expand upon the skills and principles necessary to paddle with a partner in open lake waters, to perform skills and manoeuvres with greater refinement and demonstrate confidence in an open water environments, and to develop a greater awareness of environmental hazards and how to avoid/react to those hazards.

Skills you will learn

Precision docking and beaching on rocky shores, Inside and outside turns, Running Side Slip, and improved stopping. Loading and unloading

Paddling strokes: Refining existing strokes and adding: Draw (underwater recovery), Bow rudder, Stern pry, Sculling and Back Draw, Sweeps (forward and reverse), cross bow draw.

Deep Water Exits & Swimming Canoe to Shore (swamped), as well as various other rescue techniques for self and others

Throw Bag Uses and Practice

Other Topics:

  • Weather Information (Interpretation)
  • Exposure Aliments & First Aid kit
  • Paddling Mechanics: balance, environmental forces acting on the
    canoe, jaw, pitch, roll, paddlers box, body rotation
  • Design of Canoes/Paddles (materials used & repair)

Certificates Awarded

  • Paddle Canada Intermediate Certification tandem and / or solo.