A pre or post Lake Canoe Safety and Rescue Clinic participant is considered capable of

performing basic shore and lake water rescues, including self-rescue.



This Lake Water Canoe Safety and Rescue Clinic provides the opportunity to practice

commonly used shore and lake rescue skills. Unlike the Lake Skill Courses that emphasize paddling skills, this clinic emphasizes shore and lake water safety and rescue skills. It focuses on the fundamental skills, knowledge, and maneuvers of rescuing paddlers and equipment from the shore or on lake water situations from a paddler’s perspective. The material practiced in this clinic comes from the Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Program.

The intent of this clinic is to provide an opportunity for recreational lake water paddlers to practice rescues. It does not seek to replace other training such as Swift water Rescue Training (SRT) or something similar.

This course is for all levels of paddlers, as well as both tandem and solo canoeists.



Canoeing Basics or permission of Instructor.

Course length (depending on participant numbers)

2 to 4 hours

Class ratio

1 instructor: max 10 participants.

There may be a mix of tandem and solo canoes used


This introductory clinic is conducted in a pool or calm water setting and involves some time in a discussion.


This clinic is a participatory event with no pass or fail certification given. Participants

are encouraged to partake in this clinic as often as they like and as often as is required

to refresh their safety and rescue skills.