Steps one can take to connect with Universal Oneness?

A Mystical Message, By Rev. Danielle

Firstly, what is universal oneness?
What one perceives is where one must start. When examining inner thoughts, feelings, and perceptions; is alignment found with your soul knowing and your human actions?
Are you spending time with the deepest part of yourself that feels truth?
What humans have been taught in this low dimensional field is becoming more apparent to all. Where there was once secrecy, deception, and slavery, is now becoming awakening, knowingness, and remembering.
Connecting with Universal oneness can on surface level appear separate, individualized or unique in some way. What all divine humans seek is simply fulfillment within themselves. This is a deep longing that has been purposely instilled by God itself; the collective consciousness of all souls loving as one.
Once this is understood; a period of unveiling, understanding, and self surrender will occur. Once this is found, then energetically and intuitively connecting to Universal Oneness simply occurs.
As one’s level of self understanding and truth rise, so does one’s intuitive abilities, like a warm gentle breeze, like a shooting star, like the most soothing caress.
Soften, embrace, and allow all to unfold.
You are just unbelievably awesome!  Keep exploring!