The Truth, Mystical Message for Today

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Truth is that truth is a dimension itself. Not fully understandable in human form. It is not to be understood, but felt, lived, born and reborn. Nature is your guide going inward is where you will find power of knowing and understanding with feelings and love and rejoicing with oneness. Truth is seeing beyond your eyes.  Looking inward with intention and quiet. All will find truth and awaken in their own time. Life is perfect and manifesting perfectly.
Thoughts are reality but thoughts are not necessarily truth. Listen to what you don’t hear with your ears. One mustn’t need to explain it with logic human mind, but awaken to spiritual higher mind, one with consciousness, God, or Universe, however most resonates with each soul. Consider turning off any outside noise as they are coated with darkness and untruths. Be only concerned with goodness and love to the heart, this will maintain the highest connection and power for the good of the universe and your highest learning.  In truth, all is well.   Love is truth.