Those days when I have no motivation, what should I do?

A Mystical Message By Rev. Danielle

Ask yourself to relax. What is the rush?
A lack of motivation in itself is a message that should be listened too; observed without judgement. What expectations are you placing on yourself?
Learned behaviours are powerful! The definition of success has been instilled in humans on earth as a sort of trap. A lose lose type of scenario, in that success is to be measured,  and based upon how much money one makes to accumulate frivolous items that are most likely meaningless.
The perception of success is what is tied to a feeling of having a prosperous future, and is presented as what one can provide or buy. Well my dear, this is not the case, I’m happy to say.
The lack of motivation is simply a feeling that needs to be identified as needed; needed rest, needed hydration, needed nutrition.
Each time you are faced with feeling a certain way, this is something to be welcomed. Insight into one’s own perceptions, needs, desires, and truth is always a great way to uncover what is really going on; on a much deeper helpful level.
Enjoy your rests; they are empowering.