What are the most important things I can do to live my most harmonious life?

Today’s Mystical Message


Be of the earth; not in it. Allow yourself to blossom and flourish as the wind blows. Heed only your heart and intuition. Take time to allow this process to unveil itself through willingness and courage.
Love deeply in all ways. Love self most of all. Have patience with others who have not yet opened their hearts in such a way.
Allow life to fill you up on every occasion, catch yourself in frustration or anger and observe yourself. Observe yourself without ego. Consistent observation over time will lead to highest learning and development as a soul. As a being.
Choose your environment on earth wisely and go to places that leave your heart feeling full of love and gratitude, as this will spiral into all faucets of your life in glorious ways.
Have strength when all seems lost as the universe is wise beyond comprehension in our humanness. Charge into passions with fearless ambition and wide open heart, trusting that all is perfect, all is divine.  Let it be so and so it is!