What are we Really?

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Today’s Mystical Message

We are free light beings that span across twelve galaxies, twelve suns, and twelve dimensions.
We are choosing this path for ourselves for our soul’s highest development, and the greater good of all. We are here to feel and express in organic human form so that we may truly grow in consciousness as a collective.
There are separate souls yes, but guided by a collective of loving light energy that infinitely goes beyond any border of an illusion of right or wrong, black or white, rich or poor, and where a heaven or hell has no merit.
Our dense dimension on this plane can only be raised with our raised awareness. We are limitless beings with all the information within us we need to live the most harmonious life, when we are ready to pay attention.  We are affected by distraction, and what is in our environment. Fear and anger are our kryptonite. Remember you are Limitless Love and Infinite Light that will truly never die.
With Faith All things are Possible!  Loving you so very much!


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