What can I do to put my best foot forward every day?

A Mystical Message

by Rev. Danielle

Align with your true nature; your heart wisdom even in the worst of times.
Pay heed to what it is you are truly here to do. Excluding what you think you should be doing or what an illusionary society has taught you to do.
Relax into your love for your gifts.
Practicing faith of heart by following intuition at all times.
Trusting that source will always provide for you when you are following your purpose.  Pay no heed to others with earthly distractions, for you know the true path to fulfillment lies not with gems or minerals but with truth of purpose.
There are choices to be made in the upcoming months, choices to which you can not anticipate at this time. Just be ready with your open loving heart and God will guide you.
Feel the wind on your face, embrace the sun rise, catch a shooting star; you are a great spiritual being.
Enjoy your ride, and all of your moments today and everyday from this day forward! You are love, You are Light, You are Divine!
Let it be so and so it is!