What is Happening on the Earth right Now?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

The earth is going through time dimensional shifts.  Shifts in frequency and vibration
The earth is going through healing at an ever growing pace
Healing will come in such a way that will not be anticipated, cannot be anticipated
The earth will show itself to all those who are part of it, part of this dimension, this illusion of reality
The earth is speaking to us on a level, and will continue to speak to us on a level that we can interpret
Everything has energy, gratitude is where we will find what we are looking for, and notice the gifts that the earth gives us everyday.
Our existence is intertwined with the earth, the earth is in us
The magnificence of it cannot be understood with our limited conscious mind, but must look deeper inward to our Higher Mind, to our God Mind, to our oneness with all that is.
Beautiful connection with the divine
Allow the earth to show you what you need to see, be of the earth not just in it, and enjoy its presence and its presence in you, your presence in it.
Have faith in the roots of the churning dirt and lava that are stirring. Allow yourself to just be in it, to be with it.
Let it be so and so it is.