What is strategically happening to instill more light on this planet at this very moment?

A Mystical Message, By Rev. Danielle

Each measure is countered with a pre-existing counter measure. Each tactic being seen has been well planned and well practiced prior to its very useful full implementation.  As Q said shots will be heard around the world.   What does that mean?
It means large scale events to shake people into reality. The illusion we have been programmed to exist in; is coming to an end.
The dark will not stand in the light.
Believe and know your faith and the vibration of it have great depth and carries with it an enormous amount of power.
As you breathe rise up with that faith and meet the truth as it is not as you have been programmed to believe it is.  It is the responsibility of each human to be willing to literally erase the generational programming instilled on your very being.
Observing the untruths uncovered no matter how frightening at first. What may surface with those realizations will be lifetimes of hurts and suppression, feelings of enslavement, powerlessness, and even rage; all rising to be felt and allowed to be released, finally.
No need to hold onto anything that is not pleasant. With all the physical actions at play, the most important is the reason within you; the stance and action you choose to embark on.
The manner in which you open yourself up to embrace this transformational opportunity; so truly this very moment, is all up to you!