When I channel a message, where do the answers come from?

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A Mystical Message, By Rev. Danielle

Humans are like radars with vast transmitting capabilities. The messages being received behave similarly in the respect of “downloading”.  The messages being brought to you are coming from the highest frequencies in the Universal communication system.
It can be understood in earthly terms as a type of “broadcasting centre” which receives and transmits information.
Universal understanding and knowledge is found here. The vibration of God force energy, light force energy, sent and received, can be felt instantly, as time is not a factor within this quantum line of communication.
Humans have been taught that learning and understanding can only come from a book or an expert lecturer; however, this is simply untrue.
Each human has this “radio communication” ability.  You have been programmed to believe this is a scary trait to have, but on the contrary, it is your divine power to which those who spread lies fear the most. They understand the true nature of the universe and all it’s intricacies that make it divine.
The messages you receive are based on the intention you have in your heart. The ease of hearing the messages comes from the ease at which you examine the depth of who and what you really are.
The human adventure is a magical thing in itself to be reveled in!   Keep asking your questions along the way, as they will brightly light your path!
Much love on your journey, you are never alone, as we are one.


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