Why are situations that trigger my “theme feelings” occurring one after the other right now?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

As consciousness rises, so does hurts and deep wounds that often we hide from ourselves, or we push away so not to feel.
An inevitable thing happens when vibration is raised on a global scale and in fact universal scale to the extent that this planet and its inhabitants have never seen.
Inevitably, humans are being faced with many deep wounds rising to “their” surface albeit knowingly, or unknowingly, as high vibration and uplifting light energy presently blankets the entire earth plane.
So, to put this into context of daily life, whether one is ready or not, here it comes. Hurts will rise and will show themselves as anger, judgement, and denial for those wearing a veil. With eyes wide open, one will see opportunity for soul development, for deep personal growth, letting go, and ascension.
Right now the expulsion of humanities deep weight of bearing the cross is occurring. No longer feeling the shame and guilt of supposedly allowing Jesus to die for the sinful creature that you have been taught you are. Your soul knows this is not true. Shame and guilt are taught emotions.
Simply allowing your own connections to occur with every situation presented to you; a willingness to catch yourself right in the middle of it to start. Feeling the theme feeling, where is it coming from really? what is it all about?  Warm Reflection in this instance is paramount. Once met with kind observation, and reflection, overtime will be felt not with sting, but with light hearted compassion, even humor.
You’re doing a really great job!
Loving you so infinitely