Why are so many people Angry right now?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle
Change is hard no matter how it comes to you.  Fear is instilled in our everyday world right now, appearing unavoidable, relentless. If ones soul has not yet reached a truly awakened state, then processing outer stimulus becomes often paralyzing to inner guidance.
As each soul processes at their pace, they undergo a push pull / fight or flight affect. How one chooses to respond can look differently but anger is always a surface reaction of fear. As a majority of souls on this plane are vibrating at a lower frequency, the emotions that associate with this lower frequency will be what is acted out or displayed. Our inner world will be shown to us in our outer world.
In order for true awakening to occur, any emotional processing is good. Be thankful they are expressing emotion in some way and forgive them. Love and Forgiveness bring depth of understanding. Ask what is happening for you when encountered with “an angry person”?  Are there feelings being expressed by you? OR even a cooler notion, are your own feelings being shown to you right before your eyes?
Keep going, you’re on the right track!
Loving you so very much!