Will humanity on earth ever live in truth?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

Truth is as each perceive.
Measuring truth is like dust in the wind. Truth can look differently based on soul development; the length of time in a human body.
Arriving in a human body for the first time is like a deer being birthed and having to run at first breath. As time and space is seen as so structured, it provides for limitation. Limitation that cannot be recognized for the new soul. The most important aspect is to allow scenes to play out, to come to a point in the magic that this is seen. This is realized. Upon realization, comes a shift in perception, with a shift in perception, comes a shift in energy; in frequency, and there lies the growth.
Living the truth that is in your perception is all that you can do or need to do. Give yourself a really big hug today and go with your flow.  Loving you so infinitely!