How can all of the true facts known to exist on earth and within the universe best be publicly disclosed?

A Mystical Message, by Rev. Danielle

There has been much hidden for way too long. No being on earth should be subjected to inaccuracies of life itself. Truth is instilled with high magnificent vibration that all can feel when heard.

The absence of this resonance in speech and jargon can also be felt. The results and consequences of slowly releasing information is itself holding a vibration and can be felt.


As a result of withholding truth, we are faced as humans with depression, anger, and paralyzation as a society; as a whole.


Human Beings are instilled with universal divine source which inherently carries with it infinite untapped information and resiliency, which is a strong knowing and characteristic found in all human light beings.

Clarity and truth is the only way. Utilizing multiple sources that the mass public and un-awakened consider credible. If it appears on the information airways outside the realm of what the public deem as credible, the message may be lost.

Delivery is of utmost importance; the manner and avenue in which the information is delivered.

The awakened ones must be prepared; as some hold with such grip, their ascension may not occur for them in this life. That is ok.

As long as truth is freely told, all will rise to this high loving vibration in their own perfect time.

Never has there been a wiser time to practice allowing the truth to set us free.

How can people become more Intuitive?

A Mystical Message
By Rev. Danielle
Daily application is key. Diving into the wonders of everything that exists and how it is interconnected, going beyond what one can see in everyday life.
If that’s the case, then what is there to rely ones perceptions upon?
Everything humans absorb in their atmosphere is reflected within them.
It is when knowingness is allowed to take hold that this is realized.
There is no right or wrong way to remember ones souls abilities.
The zest for life is what will draw one closer to oneself. Closer to Source, Creator, God, the Universe; all what one perceives and has resonance with.
Take heed in what is before you in each situation. Be willing to become quiet in any form and when thoughts come in, where are they coming from? Pay attention. And follow up with action.
Taking great energy in noticing your energy; your vibration and your frequency; as this is what you are projecting like a boomerang, it will return. When light and love exude, then this is returned ten fold.
The butterfly affect is real like dominos on a beautiful shimmering golden board, or a match of light that ignites an entire world. Your light is the way, seeing your bright light and remembering your truth. Carry on with courage as your beautiful journey awaits.




Steps one can take to connect with Universal Oneness?

A Mystical Message, By Rev. Danielle

Firstly, what is universal oneness?
What one perceives is where one must start. When examining inner thoughts, feelings, and perceptions; is alignment found with your soul knowing and your human actions?
Are you spending time with the deepest part of yourself that feels truth?
What humans have been taught in this low dimensional field is becoming more apparent to all. Where there was once secrecy, deception, and slavery, is now becoming awakening, knowingness, and remembering.
Connecting with Universal oneness can on surface level appear separate, individualized or unique in some way. What all divine humans seek is simply fulfillment within themselves. This is a deep longing that has been purposely instilled by God itself; the collective consciousness of all souls loving as one.
Once this is understood; a period of unveiling, understanding, and self surrender will occur. Once this is found, then energetically and intuitively connecting to Universal Oneness simply occurs.
As one’s level of self understanding and truth rise, so does one’s intuitive abilities, like a warm gentle breeze, like a shooting star, like the most soothing caress.
Soften, embrace, and allow all to unfold.
You are just unbelievably awesome!  Keep exploring!

Will Donald J Trump be President in 2021?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

There is much at play; unseen and misunderstood. What is coming is still left to free will and universal divine will. A mere yes or no answer cannot apply here, but there will be changes implemented to force out old darkness and fill with light, and a bright new future transpires for all.
Find patience, courage, and love during the next period, and explore ways to see the magic of what is occurring; to experience what is to be experienced.
The beauty that unfolds will be unfounded in all of earth’s human history.
All is in divine synchronicity. Keep your faith high and laughter loud; always in all ways.
Chin up, loving you so infinitely!


Literally, what is happening for people right now?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

Human consciousness is at an all time high. Souls are awakening at a mass level never experienced on earth.
The speed at which light is filling up every square inch of the planet is going to be felt by all.
Each will feel what he or she is meant to feel; has expressed to feel. So in that, each will experience something different. That is the beauty of awakening, there is no right or wrong way to be.
That is the beauty of being a spiritual being; there is no right or wrong way to feel.
Right now is the perfect time to explore you.  If you feel it, let yourself.  Allow yourself to simply explore the depth of what you feel, what you need, and what you are.
Living in heaven or hell on earth can be very real for some. As we all sort out our learning; our calling.
Volcanic flow is bubbling up to the surface, coming up through a deep crust of solid rock, so it seeps into one crack and when it’s full, it bursts into another as it climbs higher, and then another, until it reaches the surface; and flows into the ocean meeting the cool tides to absorb and cleanse.
Allow your lava to flow freely throughout the ocean waves as you breathe, surrender, and remember!
You are loved beyond measure!  Keep going you’re doing great!

How do I know when I’m doing the “right thing”?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

Life is full of ups and downs; a series of roller coasters if you will.
Life is full of lessons and experiences that all lead to ongoing soul development if one is willing.
Doing the right thing is a matter to be discussed in itself; as what does that look like?
What is right? What is wrong? Is there a difference?
If there was no right or wrong, what would there be?  Doing the right thing is a matter of inspiration and divine will. Following one’s heart wisdom, and acting with loving intention will always lead to truth and fulfillment.
You can’t go wrong with that!