Why are situations that trigger my “theme feelings” occurring one after the other right now?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

As consciousness rises, so does hurts and deep wounds that often we hide from ourselves, or we push away so not to feel.
An inevitable thing happens when vibration is raised on a global scale and in fact universal scale to the extent that this planet and its inhabitants have never seen.
Inevitably, humans are being faced with many deep wounds rising to “their” surface albeit knowingly, or unknowingly, as high vibration and uplifting light energy presently blankets the entire earth plane.
So, to put this into context of daily life, whether one is ready or not, here it comes. Hurts will rise and will show themselves as anger, judgement, and denial for those wearing a veil. With eyes wide open, one will see opportunity for soul development, for deep personal growth, letting go, and ascension.
Right now the expulsion of humanities deep weight of bearing the cross is occurring. No longer feeling the shame and guilt of supposedly allowing Jesus to die for the sinful creature that you have been taught you are. Your soul knows this is not true. Shame and guilt are taught emotions.
Simply allowing your own connections to occur with every situation presented to you; a willingness to catch yourself right in the middle of it to start. Feeling the theme feeling, where is it coming from really? what is it all about?  Warm Reflection in this instance is paramount. Once met with kind observation, and reflection, overtime will be felt not with sting, but with light hearted compassion, even humor.
You’re doing a really great job!
Loving you so infinitely

Will humanity on earth ever live in truth?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

Truth is as each perceive.
Measuring truth is like dust in the wind. Truth can look differently based on soul development; the length of time in a human body.
Arriving in a human body for the first time is like a deer being birthed and having to run at first breath. As time and space is seen as so structured, it provides for limitation. Limitation that cannot be recognized for the new soul. The most important aspect is to allow scenes to play out, to come to a point in the magic that this is seen. This is realized. Upon realization, comes a shift in perception, with a shift in perception, comes a shift in energy; in frequency, and there lies the growth.
Living the truth that is in your perception is all that you can do or need to do. Give yourself a really big hug today and go with your flow.  Loving you so infinitely!


What should I do now?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

You’re doing it. Reading this message right now with an open mind. Heeding your hearts wisdom to stop instead of scroll by. To appreciate the moments before you. Stop, go, reflect, move forward, all a matter of choice. Life offers so many unexpected moments; it is frivolous to predict what to do. Free will is truth. Discovering your truth at every pass, every opportunity. Continue to go inward as this is the temple that you seek. Connection to truth, connection to wisdom, to the other side. Fret not as to what to do, but focus your attention on what to be; be strength, be resiliency, and be tenacity. Your divine purpose is in every spec of everything presented to you. Remember, you are divine and one with all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be.
You are loved beyond measure!  Carryon sweet one!

What’s Coming Next?

Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle

It is a matter of will. A matter of awakening. A perception one holds is one’s existence. Carrying perception around with you in everything you do. If you live at peace within yourself, peace will surround

everything you do. If you exist in anger and fear, then that is how you will perceive the world around you. Once you see past the foggy illusion of perception, truth is, everything is divine.
In order for great learning to occur, dark needs to show itself and be seen in the light, be seen in the bright light. Often there is nothing to do but be present and open hearted to whatever crosses your path, and just allow the universe to gift you your experiences.
There is no need to control with a tight grip, as this grip will be met with a magnetic polar force. Ease and grace, patience, courage, and love.
You are a powerful being enjoying a human experience. Let it be so and so it is!
Lots of Love

How can I best tap into my energy and serve the divine purpose of the Universe

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Today’s Mystical Message

By Rev. Danielle
Heed your heart intuition at the deepest level. Don’t be swayed by the urgent crowd who sleep walk the earth. Show up with open hearted presence for each situation that crosses your path as in each you will find the truth of your journey.
Truly be an open heart, an open mind, a loving spirit. A winning collection. Be patient with those not yet awaken. Many lifetimes occur before a soul advances to such a level. Being of the world not just in it, means to enjoy every single moment as a gift, even the most troubling, even the most challenging. Especially the most challenging.
The gifts are often hard to see when you’re in the muck. Step away and watch the film unfold in a light hearted way. Catch yourself being disheartened and use your faith as your guide to centre yourself.
Remember the power of perceptions and the opportunity for remembering and true understanding that lies before you; and then a life as is said, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.   The Kingdom of heaven lies within you always in all ways.  Loving you so very much!

November 2020 Yoga

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