How can I stop a negative behaviour I’m acting out?

Catch yourself in trigger.
Catch yourself in fight or flight living off instinct, and one of our most basic of energies…fear. The lowest of density; the emotion that lessens the awakening of truth.
When you let fear take over your heart and mind, you have limited perception and become limited, living out limitations, and mirroring your fear in everyday existence.
Everything starts with a thought.
Catch yourself with negative thoughts, self defeating statements, or acting out antics and initially smile and be content with observing the actions. Upon deeper reflection, you will begin to see the motivation into the action. On a deeper level; a deeper soul level of development. Often this can take lifetimes. Lifetimes of reflection, observation, emotional frustration, and even physical disease before truly diving deep into inner guidance. This is the only place your answers are.
We are programmed, hard wired if you will to feel a deep longing for something greater, something better, and grander than the generation before us. Ask yourself why? Why is this?  Where does this yearning come from?
Fulfillment is a state of being. Openly look beyond the surface level of any negative behaviour.  There is always something deeper, and this is your path to know where to look. It is in the discomfort that you will truly find your way.

What are we Really?

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Today’s Mystical Message

We are free light beings that span across twelve galaxies, twelve suns, and twelve dimensions.
We are choosing this path for ourselves for our soul’s highest development, and the greater good of all. We are here to feel and express in organic human form so that we may truly grow in consciousness as a collective.
There are separate souls yes, but guided by a collective of loving light energy that infinitely goes beyond any border of an illusion of right or wrong, black or white, rich or poor, and where a heaven or hell has no merit.
Our dense dimension on this plane can only be raised with our raised awareness. We are limitless beings with all the information within us we need to live the most harmonious life, when we are ready to pay attention.  We are affected by distraction, and what is in our environment. Fear and anger are our kryptonite. Remember you are Limitless Love and Infinite Light that will truly never die.
With Faith All things are Possible!  Loving you so very much!


If you have any questions or comments about today’s message,  please feel free to reach out!


What will the future look like in the months to come?

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Time is not the factor it is truth. Time can stand still or speed by. During a time of inner healing and great self reflection, there will come moments that seem too painful to bare. You must look where you have never looked before and seek out supports that you once may have seen as foolery.


We have all been taught, programmed, and sacrificed at this level of our awareness, to a low vibration; it is rising as we speak. We have control over how we choose to act and to live. We must stand when the time is right and speak the truth as we feel it deeply.


In time all will come to light. There is only you to turn to who is all with the divine. We are one. Our true nature will be seen in its own perfect time.


With light there is dark, with dark there is light, we mustn’t fret over this or that, but divinely live as you were meant to uncovering your truth bit by bit, moment by moment. Enlarge your life on a grander scale than ever before. Live free and true to your spirit and all will be well.


How to Stay Positive Around Dense or Low Vibrational Energy

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Thoughts are the most important thing. Remind yourself to have a conversation with yourself and not feel foolish or silent.  There are many things we can learn about ourselves if we allow ourselves to look, to see, to feel. If vibrational energy is low look inside you and see what you can do about that.
Rise up to meet your soul’s true energetic frequency of light and love. No this is not silly or misguided, this is powerful and true.  Strong winds will flood your soul with passionate desire and it is only when we snuff out light and fall to earthly illusion that we lose our place and begin to feel dense.
Denseness is a state of mind, being, and soul. We are here on this plane to evolve, learn , grow, and have fun with our characters. Be grande in them, see yourself rising above the clouded illusion that has masked our plane for indescribable time. Stay only focused on what you hear and see inside you.
Ask yourself, who is talking when you hear or feel strong intuition? Is it you? Or something grander, connecting you, reminding you,  that you are one with the beautiful artistry of the divine. The moment you allow yourself to remember this, the sooner you will rise to such a high vibration that you will only lift others and proudly just be your best human self.


Communicating with Courage- Today’s Mystical Message

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Takes practice. First one needs to see one’s own needs, which can take lifetimes in itself. Believing in one’s own beliefs takes courage. Being the light you are meant to be. Walking through the hurts and pierced heart to genuine softness.  Practice seeing through another’s eyes, understanding with a compassionate heart. Speak from this place of awareness.