Cacao, Sharing, & Five Elements Dance

Feb 9, 20 – 10-am to 11:30am


Since ancient times cacao has been used ceremonially by the people of Central and Southern America to connect with the infinite presence of love. Cacao ceremonies are a coming together to open the heart, express creatively and celebrate with the spirit of the cacao.
Intended with love, full of music, dance and laughter, this Cacao Sharing & Five Elements Dance is a time to express gratitude for the cacao spirit and allow for that spirit to blossom infinite possibilities within you!!
The Cacao that will be used is a very special type that is grown and cultivated for its energetic qualities. It comes from the heartland of the Mayan people who have used it for millennia. We’ll learn about cacao’s origins, history, heath benefits and energetic/spiritual qualities and get to experience pure cacao with new levels of awareness and appreciation.

Please reach out with any questions. Namaste


All Inclusive RETREAT- Yoga, Breath, Energy, & Drumming

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One Day All Inclusive Experiential Retreat

Saturday February 1, 2020

9am to 3:30pm

Early Bird Registration by Friday January 10, 2020 / 250-679-4411

Energy Exchange Options:

Full Day- $111    No Yoga $99      Drumming ONLY: $40


 If someone refers to themselves as a Healer, they are still operating from EGO! Yoga, Breath, and Energy component of this Retreat will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and rejuvenated!

We are all our own Greatest Healer! Danielle is passionate about empowering participants to feel and see for themselves how they can use a variety of techniques to improve all aspects of their life in profound ways!


This Retreat comes with:

A yoga class, a drumming Session, (drum provided if needed) individual and group Breath & Energy facilitation and practice time, all nutritious snacks, beverages & lunch.


Retreat Agenda

9-10:00am                               Hatha Wake Up Yoga with Danielle Dufour– All Levels Flow

10-10:15                                  Break

10:15-10:45                             Group Introductions activity over Beverages & Snacks

10:45-12:30                             Intro to the Power of Breath Work & Quantum Touch (Universal Energy) Techniques – Individual, pairs, and group activities with Danielle

12:30-1:30                               Buffet StyleLunch

1:30-3:00pm                            Drumming with Kjara Brecknell

3:00-330 pm                            Group Close